Thursday 4 December 2014

What functions must have a CRM for training center management?

Even if you are a training center or an university, or a vocational training or a coaching firm you all have the same fundamental needs:

  • Organize trainings
  • Manage learners
  • Training resources management 

This blog shows this kind of activity working flow and the CRM software adapted for it.

Organize trainings 

In order to create a training catalogue first you need:

  • To choose the trainer/s 
  • To create learning materials
  • To manage classrooms 
  • To manage learning tools
  • To establish a training calendar 

It’s all about managing a project. When you’re opening your Simple CRM, you can see a Project assigned to each training session.  If you open the Project you can see all interveners (intern or external), training spots, learning tools, reservations calendar or any other linked document (PowerPoint presentation, syllabus etc.) and information.

Manage learners 

Learners’ management it’s treated by a CRM like any other leads management or clients’ management or sales opportunities.

The success of a CRM for training center is the possibility to implement all learners/students/alumni interests’ centers.

Study case: you are organizing training on:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Financial management
  • Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)
  • Bus driving
  • Crane driving 

You are therefore segment your “learners “by creating the following fields:

  • Non-learners (leads)
  • Students (trainee) 
  • Alumni (ancient student)
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Financial management
  • Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)
  • Bus driving
  • Crane driving 

Let’s suppose that you are going to organize an extra training session on “Marketing” for beginners.

You are going to select “Non-learners” and “Marketing” Simple CRM will provide a list of persons that correspond to those criteria.  You can afterwards, send a newsletter and prose this training session to all those persons. Simple CRM has a Mass Mailing module and you can automatically send the newsletter.

You can create a Project for this Marketing training session, as previously shown, and check the list of students that entered this program, the list of students that already paid the fee/didn’t pay etc.

In the file of each intervener you can see its interest centers, according to your training catalogue, training that he followed, received certification (you can actually attach them as a PDF, Word, image etc.).

Training resources management 

Training resources can be: trainers, learning tools (syllabus, PowerPoints ), teaching tools (PCs, buses, cranes etc.), training spots (classrooms, parking places, laboratories etc).

Of course, Simple CRM allows creating all those different resources (tools/spots/people etc.).

You can therefore book the resources that you need and you can create a resources utilization/availability calendar.

You can create as many resources as you like, it’s free of change.

You can also use Simple CRM like a back office management of your trainers/coach/professors.

The training staff can connect to Simple CRM and they can see all their training Projects and only them. They can see a list of students, with their profile, resources’ availability and they can book on spot any needed resource.  They can save their learning tools in order to be printed by the administrative staff.